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Affiliate Marketing

We connect high quality publishers, with trusted and reliable advertisers looking to grow their desktop or mobile campaigns. We have a dedicated team of knowledgeable account managers working around the clock.


Brand Management

L11 Group knows the importance of maintaining a positive personal and business brand online. We help you achieve the results that you need to help grow your business in the best way possible.


Lead Generation

Generating over 15000 leads monthly, we know what it takes to generate only the highest quality data or calls. Across a variety of verticals, we help numerous businesses grow their revenue through lead generation.



We find, manage and promote the latest and upcoming talent in the music, art and movie spaces. Using unique and creative marketing campaigns, we grow our clients books while building a brand around them.



L11 Group designs custom and unique mobile, print, video and web designs based around each clients specific needs; keeping in mind that the overall goal is to grow their revenue. We employee the best designers in the space!


Call Centers

We have dedicated call centers around the globe that we use to generate, or call on leads for our clients. L11 also drives calls to advertisers Pay Per Call campaigns through internal and affiliate traffic.



The best talent is always needed for your business; and we know where to get it. L11 goes out and finds the best employees for you, and we also match the best employees to the companies they always wanted to work for.


Marketing Campaigns

Our most generic, but most creative service, is designing a full marketing campaign across numerous resources to grow your overall revenue. L11 knows what it takes to make you more money!

about us

The story of us

With over 15 years combined experience in the marketing industry, L11 strives to deliver our clients with the best possible results, and ROI. We connect advertisers with publishers, we connect artists with fans, and we help publishers, advertisers and businesses find new streams of monetization. L11 has a dedicated team of employees working around the clock to ensure our clients get the highest quality and best support; when and where they need it.


Headquarted in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we also have satellite offices in New York City, and Las Vegas. Interested in working for us? Stop being shy and send us an email here!

Our Brands

This is how we structure our company

The core focus of L11 Group is our online division, which consists of our Affiliate Network, Lead Generation, Calls and Online Marketing divisions. Our affiliate network connects advertisers with high quality publishers. Our publishers enjoy timely payments, top notch support and the best campaigns on the market. L11 owns numerous web properties where we drive traffic and collect data. We offer campaigns across every vertical possible!
By utilizing our extensive network of connections, we match employees to the employers they always wanted to work for. L11 screens every employee and employer to ensure both parties enjoy the highest quality and charges no money upfront. We service all industries, but have a heavy focus on performance marketing companies. L11 Group works with some of the most distinguished companies in the world.
L11 helps up-and-coming talent make a name for themselves. We use our marketing strategies to properly grow the fan base of artists, muscians and actors across multiple verticals. L11 works with some of the top music venues, galleries and production studios across the globe. So know matter what you are trying to achieve, we are here to help your dreams come to reality!
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